The most comprehensive collection of pictures of The Cardigans, A Camp, and Nina Persson every assembled.

Early magazine pictures Select magazine

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Added a scan of a magazine called nowhere from Sweden. This was the Fall (Våren) 1994 issue #4. Unfortunately, I don’t have the inside article,  just the cover. The other new picture is a set list from the Toronto show from 1997. Props to Dale for this latest update. He sent me at least 9 new pictures including a new article from 2001, pictures from SA magazine from Fall 1997,a Metro article from 2002, a picture from the now defunct Select magazine from 1999 just to name a few. Thanks Dale! 

Live pictures from several festivals

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Added several live pictures includinga peformance from Hultsfred 1994, Roskilde1996, Hultsfred 1997, and Emmaboda1997. Also, added a very early picture ofthe Cardigans and an early Magazine cover