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This is the video "Life: The Real Story" that was put out Oct 1995.
It is in Swedish with Japanese subtitles. I have gone through the whole video and translated it for your convenience. This is the translation.

Nina: (says something in Japanese)


Nina:October 1992, were we a full band. Before Magnus and Peter had played together for something like six years. They had messed around with hard rock and pop and decided that they wanted to try some type of new music, with a girl as the lead singer.

Peter: Magnus met a guy from where he had grown up who played guitar, who was in the same grade as Nina. This guy was named Mattias. I knew of Mattias and he introduced me to Nina.

Nina: I knew Mattias, and I knew Magnus and through them I got a singing audition for them.

Bengt: I played more of a different style than them at the time, more rock and roll. We went over to Magnusí house, who was playing an acoustical bass. I thought that it sounded great. Then we went to my house and I played my drums with them and we thought it sounded great.

Lars-Olof: I wasnít in the band at the beginning. I came in a year after the band had formed. I had begun to hang out with them because we were in the same class and then everntually they asked if I wanted to be in the band.

Peter: Mattias decided to quit the band, and so Lars-Olof was a good friend to Bengt. He had been a really good support to us in the beginning, and so he was with us when we played for the first time in Malmo, and then when we went into the studio for the first time.

Lars-olof: I was unemployed, it was just a lot of fun playing with them, I never really actually thought that I would be in the Cardigans, I was just there mostly to watch. But later, it became really cool. I started to think am I going to be able to do this? I still think about that, (laughing) am I going to be able to make it?

Bengt: I grew up with music, so it was just natural that I would learn an instrument. I started in the third grade with a huge cello, and I played that all the way up to I began high school. I played several orchestra instruments and so I messed around with that during high school. I had a friend who had a drum set, who played it a bit, so I was always at his house messing around with it. I thought it was so cool that I bought my own set. So I continued to play and play and then my brother played guitar and so we just practiced. After a while, it became the Cardigans. (heís not implying that his brother was in the band)

(shows a picture of Magnus when he was younger). I began playing the drums, all the way up to when I was beginning the ninth grade. We made a band for the end of school program, but they already had two drummers and no bass. So I changed instruments.

(shows a picture of a young Lars)
Lars: I bought a keyboard when I was in the 5th grade, but I would just tinker around with it. I had a guitar as well that I would mess around with. But it wasnít until I came into the Cardigans that I began to play for real.

(picture of young Nina)
Nina:When I was younger, my family would get together with other families, and there were a lot of festivals, so we would get together and sing. Iím not especially trained in vocals, I took a couple of lessons a couple of years ago. The teacher that I took the singing lessons from thought that in order to sing properly you had to sing really loud, and this hard for me, so I began to think that these lessons were worthless. Iíve never really tried to sing, I just sing naturally, how I think it should be done. Maybe thatís why people like it, because I do sing so naturally.

(picture of young Peter)
Peter: It began with the air guitar, then when I was 10 year old and about to enter music school, it was just natural that I would play the guitar because I wanted to be like the guys in Kiss. The first day, they said, here is the C on the paper, here is the C on the guitar. And I didnít like it at all, I took lessons for like 6 years. I remember I had this huge white case at the beginning as so every Thursday I would take the guitar to school and I had become so disgusted with it that I began to throw it on the ground and kick, so at the end the case was just destroyed so I would have to take like duct tape to fix it. I began high school and my music teacher thought that I should continue with the guitar, and so did my parents, so it was lucky that I stuck with it because it began to become more fun. I began to play things that I wanted to hear. I would hang all these things on my wall and play all these songs, and when it became time to choose a speciality high school, I choose music high school, so I went there for 3 years and after that there was the Cardigans.

Bengt: (says something in Japanese)

Lars: Bengt is a calm guy, I think Iím seen him mad only once.

Peter: He eats unbelievably much. He always cares so much about the others around him. A really funnt thing is when he sleeps, he sleeps on his stomach. After 5 minutes, his legs go up in the air just like this (he motions). I tried it one time but just got cramps.


Nina: Our first performance, I donít remember that much about it, but we opened up for Popsicle at the Kulturhuset (culture house) in Jonkoping.

Peter: And I remember that we had all our buddies stand right there in front.

Magnus: And they screamed. And stagedived.

Peter: And they had all these children clothes, like sweaters and stuff, you know because we were called the Cardigans.

Lars: And I was so nervous. And I though seriously that I was going to take a dump right there, I couldnít eat, I couldnít do anything, my whole body just quit.

Nina: It went just fine, but Popsicle said that it was the worst that they had heard, so that was kind of depressing.



Nina: My parents think itís cool that Iíve doing something. I donít think that theyíre that impressed that Iím on TV, more that Iím enjoying it, I donít think they would have cared if I was a nurse or something.

Peter: My parents are very intressed, they come to the performances that are a little closer to home. My father always had advice like," Are you sure the guitar is supposed to sound like that, donít you think that maybe you could do this or that." So I think that they listen to the music.

Bengt: My parents always listen to classical music until I got into the band, so know they listen to classical music and the Cardigans. So if I had never been in a band, they would have just listened to classical music. But they like it.

Magnus: When the Rise and Shine single came out in Sweden, my father got the single, went home and listened to it. Once he had listened to, he said well I approve of what youíre doing.

Lars: (something in Japanese)
Nina: Lasse (common nickname for people named Lars) Johansson, ay ay ay.

Peter: Good but forgetful person.

He is a very funny person.
He is really good with languages.
If he had decided to do something, then he does it.
He always late.

Nina: He always pulling pranks and so it keeps the band loose.


Who always take the food out of the refrigerator?
Magnus: Itís me and Bengt

Which is the worldís only hockey team?
Bengt: Djurgarden EF (a team from Gothenburg)

Thatís wrong! The answer is right here on the card.

Bengt: I think itís time for Lasse to have a question. Why donít you ever do the dishes?

Lars: I donít know, itís because Magnus always takes everyting out of the refrigerator.

Bengt: What does P90 mean? (Peter just stares at him)

Lars: Would you strip in the middle of town for a thousand crowns?

Peter: No.

Magnus: Do you think that this game is cool.

Peter: No.

Bengt: Have you ever been to the USA?

Magnus: No, but Iíve read about it.

Peter: (laughing) Do you like it here Lars? Do you like it here?

Lars: Yes I do.

Magnus: ( asks a question to Bengt but I have no idea what it is)

Bengt: Do you have a girlfriend?

Peter: Yes, I have someone that I like quite a bit, and we get along just fine.

Bengt: I hope you do fine, and I wish you good luck.

Magnus: (something inteligible)

Bengt on the phone: (speaking something besides Swedish)

Lars shows a container full of korv, a hot dog like meat popular in Sweden. He then asks, "Do you want some korv?"

Magnus: Who is going to clean the bathroom next time?

Peter: I guess itís my turn, but Iím not going to do it.

VIDEO: Sick and Tired

Peter: (something in Japanese)

Heís a musician.
Sometimes he can be so removed because heís thinking about stuff that he becomes unsociable.

Bengt: Sometimes he can be quite withdrawn, that heís thinking ot himself.


Magnus: Itís very important for us to have our producer, Torre.

Peter: When we present a song, it is very giving to us, because we talk about the song to him, and play and then all of a sudden the song is perfect. Oftentimes, we begin with Bengt playing the drums and me with the guitar to sort of set the ground work for the song.

Bengt: Itís quite funny, weíll be playing one verse and then a second verse and all of a sudden the producer will yell something.

Peter: After that he brings in the bass and the vocals and the organ.

Lars: Most of the time weíre just sitting there and waiting, so you have to find something to do so it doesnít become boring.

Peter: Oftentime me and Torre are in the studio and produce. Heíll find sounds and then weíll throw ideas back and forth to each other.


Peter: Oftentimes when people are around I can discover melodies. If weíre going to film a video, Iíll sit there and play the guitar and try out different things. Rise and Shine that we wrote, or that I wrote as the Cardigans. And it was at Magnusí house, he was living in Jonkoping, that we had a little party with Nina and at that time Mattias and Magnus had written the words to Rise and Shine and so I just started to play the melody to the song and every started to run around screaming and then we drank a lot. Carnival, I remember, was written when we played at ?? Then I was waiting for Nina, and so I just canít sit there so I started to write some lyrics and it became Carnival. Iíve really learned how to just sit down and concentrate and I write songs that way. Sometimes it just sounds like crap, but sometimes it turns out alright.

Nina (something in Japanese)
Sings great.
Very smart.
Great to be around.
Art direction.

Peter: Thinks about others all the time. You can always talk to her about things.

Bengt: When we lived in the same apartment, thatís when it was the worst. Her room was always neat and my was always messy. She has her own apartment and now when we go over there, it always so neat with everything put away.

VIDEO: Carnival


Bengt: It so hard to think of ourselves as pop stars. Itís a lot easier to look at other bands and see them as pop stars.

Lars: Itís especially the worst in Japan, there you begin to feel like a real pop star. Itís a great feeling, you feel very special.

Nina: Most people donít know who we are.

Peter: Oftentimes youíll meet people you know and theyíll think that youíve changed a bit. You begin to talk to them and you can see them sort of withdrawn but after about a half hour, they see that you havenít changed and so itís better then.

Magnus: The success of the Cardigans, I try to think as little about it as possible for many reasons.

Nina: I never would have been really that involved with music if it wasnít for the Cardigans.

Bengt: When you get to the point that you can actually make a living from the band, then thatís when the success begins to sink in.


Lars: I like to go around and rollerskate. Sometimes people just sit there in a bus, but I think itís more fun to actively go around.

Bengt: My favorite thing to do is diving. Lasse like to go diving as well with a friend. Iíve done it for three or four years now. When we moved to Malmo, we began to do it even more. It feels really good.

Nina: I like to ride my bike. When itís good weather outside, I like to ride to an island just off of Malmo. I also buy mackrel, Iím not sure if they have that in Japan, anyway, they like to eat it in Sweden.

Magnus: I try to read as much as I can. I like to sit in my room or on the toalet and read a good book. Itís a very perfect hobby. Itís a great way to unwind, because you can actually go into the book, like youíre there. There are always old book shops around, where you can buy old books for fifty cents a piece. Then you have a lot of books for a couple of months. You can also go to the library, but I havenít got a library card yet. Itís hard when you move, with all the books and everything.

Peter: Here are all my guitars. Here is the first one that I bought. A Gibson. This is my favorite guitar, I bought it from an old man. This last one is one of the Kiss guitars from the 1977 tour.

Video: Rise and Shine

Magnus: Hello everyone from Japan.

He is a very friendly guy who likes to talk to people even though there are times when he talk too much.
A bit forgetful, he likes to sit in his bed and read books.
He doesnít write any of the lyrics.

Lars: Heís like the father figure. He always brings his job home with him.


Bengt: The 1st time we visited Japan, we were there for about three weeks. It was really cool because it was such a different land. It is so compact, there exists so many people!

Lars: It was a shock to see all the people. The show we did went really well, the reaction was great, the public was great, the encore went great.

Magnus: It was an unbelievably friendly people. The people at the shows were just great.

Bengt: The people are so polite. If you see the public as a window, when a song was done, they would all clap, then it would be quiet, and they expected Peter or Magnus to say something or to start another song.

They were really into the music. It was pretty late at night and they all were still there. A lot more into it than in Sweden. Itís really weird to play in front of them, a little different. After we were done, they showed a huge response, it was unbelievable.

Nina: It was quite interesting when we had a singing at the music store in Tokyo, they were in a line, a straight line, it was very orderly, they would have their CDís, and then they would move on down the line, and they had a lot of lovely presents. Iíve never seen anything quite like it.

Peter: Itís great to be able to meet the fans, to be able to interact with them. Oftentimes weíre whisked away in a car or something. They want to show there appreciation, and they also want to have a memoir from the concert. That makes you really want to meet them.

Nina: Whenever I go to Tokyo, I always want to do a lot of shopping. Thereís so much to see there because itís so much more diverse.

Peter: I always like to buy new guitars the morning before. I spend a lot of time choosing the right one. I like to go window shopping, whenever we go to a new city, I like to go guitar shopping, this last time I bought three guitars that I brought home with me.

Nina: Towards the end of the tour, we filmed a video, it was really cool.

Bengt: There are so many people involved in making a video. Itís almost like weíre not together as a band. I was supposed to be a seller on the open market, so I sat there with all my good there in Japan. Peter was busking and Lars was supposed to have a female aquaintance.

Peter: We had a lot of luck with the weather, it rained a little bit, but we were able to get through it just fine.

Lars: It was so humid, there wasnít any sun out and yet it was so warm. There was just sweat the whole time.