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The Cardigans Rise and Shine first version

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When I first started to like the Cardigans as a band, everyone always talked about the first version of the Rise and Shine video.

There was a 30 second clip on a Swedish documentary back in 1997 that gave a taste of the early brilliance of the band.

It became a quest to find the full length of this video. Lots of the old school Cardigans fans were searching for this. This was back in the day before YouTube, before DVDs, when VHS tapes were traded.

I finally tracked someone down in Sweden that had 5 full VHS tapes filled with Cardigans footage. I had to convert them from PAL to NTSC, then a couple of years later was able to import them into my Macintosh. The full version of RIse and SHine was included on those VHS tapes.

Here it is for your enjoyment